On Line Activities

* Web analysis
* Strategical web marketing activities
* Web analysis to highlight companies in the web
* Professional classes to improve web marketing skills in companies and for individuals


* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) creating and developing activities
* Search Engine Marketing (SEM) creating and developing web marketing programs
* Social Media Marketing creating and developing web marketing programs


* Web site design
* Professional video production
* Email marketing activities
* Online public relations
* Text setting up for digital projects

Offline Activities

* Commerce analysis and screening of lands to get the best from the knowledge of them
* Setting up for promotional stands, fairs & promotion materials
* Promoting your own land throughout the sharing of common marketing material
* Museums, fairs, sport events & cultural events promotion


* Marketing activities created up to promote your country's food & beverages and local artisanal companies
* Branding for companies, communications, touristic activities development, acting to place your company near the most common market target
* Promotional activities involved in trying to get the most from tourism
* Translations, interpreting and operators coming with you to accompany groups with mother tongue guides


* Creating & making publicity material, printing flight and lounge magazines * Public relation activities, educational tour for anyone operating in different commerce fields, including cinema, radio, tv and journalism
* Highlight projects to let your company grow up
* Fairs in Italy and worldwide
* Standing and non-standing publicity

From a specific analysis, a successfull start up

The starting of a new COMMERCE ACTIVITY is such a delicate moment.

A great idea is the basis, but not enough to create a successful start up.

We can be there with you from the first steps of it.

Your idea needs absolutely to be brought into a potential business plan, before it starts acting.

That's why a right marketing analysis can help your start up projects, knowing how many and what kind of competitors are already existing in the area where you would like to set your business, defining targets in medium-long time limits.

This first step has many targets: well, you'll be able to understand the amount of your investment that you need to promote and make your dream come true.

The business plan will let you know the real possibilities of success that your start up activities can get on that market target.

If the dates that come out from the analysis will let you know that your project can work, you can start to make it a real success. Then, you can check if your project needs more money to be invested in it and if it does, you'll be ready to ask for a financial help referring to bank or others. If your project need a money support we can even help you in trying to get the best from money lending societies or banks showing and explaining your start-ups’ targets and where they will lead to.

Before creating a start up absolutely necessary is to think about economical and legal conditions that are a part of the starting company. In this way you'll be able to search for the best country where you can get the most from its legal rules’ appliance.

Once you'll have gone beyond these steps, you'll be ready to start. You only need the most appropriate marketing instruments for your targets and your budget.

Before starting with any kind of projects it's absolutely important to think about what advantages you can get from it and what are the costs you'll have to support before being successful. That's the only way straight ahead to your SUCCESS.


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